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by #1 Bestselling Author, Jay Magpantay
My name's Jay and I used to be a coach — a business coach who couldn't get any business.

Oh, the irony!

I was using every trick in the book, too.

I was:


And my result?

Tired nights with no clients and an even thinner wallet than when I started.


How could I grow my business if no one knew me?
Full of doubts & paralyzed with depression, I gave up my passion for designing sales funnels. 

Until one day, I met an author...

He showed me how a book would transform me into the go-to expert in my field.

And he showed me how I could write it without taking 10 years to finish.

I followed his advice, wrote my book, and used my own strategy to connect with a massive new audience.

And I when nervously launched this campaign...

My book changed everything!
     —I've been asked to host seminars in several cities 
     —Been an interview-guest for TV and radio
     —Consulted with Fortune 500 companies
     —Been sought by influencers from 3 continents
     —Have asked for over $10,000 from a single client
     —And am now spending most of the year
         traveling since I work 100% from my laptop

The best part?

Writing a book was stupid-simple!

I finished in 28 days and to show you how I launched it...

Here's the 10-Day Viral Launch Cheat Sheet for you to print and use for your upcoming book.

Use the cheat sheet to ignite a firestorm of new leads to rush into your business. 

Get the Cheat Sheet and become the master of a business that drives itself!
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